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Unique Fitness Plan for Men and Women

The first and most important issue underlying the meaning of fitness is the question Fitness for what? The answer is person-specific. Exercise can improve many things in your life. Which one is the motivator that matters to you? Fit mind, Fit body puts it, the biggest change in the perception of exercise is the meaning you give it. Scientifically, we know 10 minutes of movement can make huge shifts in so many areas: confidence, energy, decision making, clarity, creativity, relationships, and emotional well being the list goes on. 

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High Blood Pressure Symptoms, Causes and Maintenance

Most high blood pressure happens when arteries get plugged up, a little or a lot, by a waxy plaque. For various lifestyle reasons, high blood pressure is more of a problem than ever as stated in various studies. Blame is mainly put to stress, too much salt, smoking, processed foods, obesity and the side effects of medications. The latest stats are baffling which shows high blood pressure is way up from 10 years ago and 46 percent of people know they have it, most refuse to do anything about it. 

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Family Caregivers For Remote Patient Monitoring

Caregivers play a key role in home care for their loved ones living away from them. Crucially, the number of adults living with chronic conditions is expected to significantly increase as medical treatments and applied technology enables more people with disabilities to age at home. Unfortunately, the number of family caregivers will not grow in proportion to the care needed.

Instead, the trend is in the other direction, as adult children move further away from their hometowns, families become smaller and those same smaller families either have working parents or are single parent households. This family caregiver gap contradicts fundamental- assumptions of bundled payments plans that aging at home, which is preferred by most older adults, is also cost-effective. Lack of family caregivers may render aging at home impossible from many.

Public health professionals have recognized functional independence of an aging population as a national goal. The goal is to measure changes in care

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Seniors Aging In Place

Different Stages of Accessibility
Preventing falls is not an uncommon plight in your house. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that injuries caused by trips are climbing at an enormous rate and the fact is, many of these trips and falls are caused by preventable circumstances.

To reduce the probability of such injuries and potential deaths, some basic precautions can be taken in and out of the home.

TRIPS: Many trips and falls are caused by small, preventable items in the home that rate, in most cases, simply overlooked. A thorough walk through the home may reveal such items. Throw rugs can be a cause for a trip or fall because many removable rugs can easily slide on a hard surface, or can ball up and create a trip hazard. Electrical cords that are strung across a walking path, or that run along the wall unsecured, can also create a hazard. Eliminating these few items can significantly reduce the number of fall and trip hazards in a home.

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Caring For Skin Tears In Seniors

Skin tears are the most common wound type in the elderly. Critical health issues can occur at any age, but those over 65 are more susceptible to thinning/fragile, bruised skin that upon impact or monor trauma can result in painful and dangerous tears.
Reports from different agencies in UNITED STATES show that 1.5 million skin tears occur per year in institutionalized adults.   It is estimated that 1 out of 5 people in the U.S. will be over 65 in the next decade. It is likely that the occurrence of skin tears at home is much higher, as more seniors choose to age-in-place.  As we age, the physiological changes to the skin result in thinning and fragility. Skin loses protective layers of fat and the production of collagen slows.
UV light damages it further. Blood spots or skin hemorrhages those purple spots found most commonly on the arms and back of hands - are pooled blood under thin skin and are the most common cause of skin tears. Malnutrition and medications like blood thinners and corticosteroids reduce the strength and elasticity of skin. Chemotherapy and dermatological disorders also affect skin integrity.

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The Importance of Taking Self-Care for Health

Self care is important. Several countries, including New Zealand, Australia and UK, have already taken notice of the potential for self care to reduce the growing cost of health care, and have begun to weave elements of this approach into their national health strategies. Self care could prevent about 75 percent of the case of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes, and more than 40 percent of cancers.

But what is self care, exactly? A commonly referenced definition of self care was developed in 1983 by the World Health Organization: Self Care in health refers to the activities individuals, families and communities undertake with the intention of enhancing health, preventing disease. They are undertaken by lay people on their own behalf, either separately or in participative collaboration with professionals.

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Useful Tips to Help Someone with Depression!

Mood disorders such as bipolar disorder (also known as manic-depression) and depression affect millions of people. Their family members and friends are affected too. If someone you love has a mood disorder, you may be feeling helpless, overwhelmed, confused and hopeless, or you may feel hurt, angry, frustrated and resentful. You may also have feelings of guilt, shame and isolation, or feelings of sadness, exhaustion and fear. All of these feelings are normal.

Keep in mind that a mood disorder is a physical, treatable illness that affects a person’s brain. It is a real illness, as real as diabetes or asthma. It is not a character flaw or personal weakness, and it is not caused by anything you or your family member did.

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Breast Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women ages 45 to 54, for women over 55 years, the recommendation is a mammogram every two years. Women who have a family history of breast cancer should consider an MRI in addition to mammography. Talk to your doctor about the screening protocols that are right for you.

When it comes to breast cancer, the odds are improving. The incidence of the disease has declined and survival rates are on the rise. Even so, more than 240,000 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. It’s important for women to learn their personal risk factors and to talk to their health care providers about their options for screening, risk reduction and treatment. 

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Family Meal Planning Tips and Benefits

Benefits:  Juggling jobs, kids and the demands of a busy, modern life often comes at the expense of family mealtime at home. Even though life never seems to slow down, now is the perfect time to renew your commitment to creating and serving meals at home that nourish your kid’s brains and help them flourish.

Not only is time together around the table an opportunity to catch up and reconnect, numerous studies provide evidence of the positive, lifelong benefits of family meals. Regular family meals are linked to the kinds of outcomes that ensure a bright future for children: higher grades and self esteem, healthier eating habits and less risky behaviors.

For example - kids and teens who share meals with their families three or more times per week are significantly less likely to be overweight, more likely to eat healthy foods and less likely to have eating disorders. Children who grow up sharing family meals are more likely to exhibit positive social behavior as adults, such as sharing, fairness and respect.

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Medicare Health Insurance Plans and Coverage

Medicare was created more than half a century ago and it has become an invaluable program that today provides high quality health care at reasonable prices to its approximately 55 million beneficiaries, a group comprising 45 million older and 10 million disabled Americans.

Since Medicare has come a long way it has become complicated, with a bewildering number of programs and a seemingly infinite number of rules. Many people struggle to make Medicare decisions and, once they’ve selected one set of Medicare plans, often are reluctant to change their mind even if better choices present themselves.

Medicare becomes simple if few guidelines are taken into considerations and followed which can help you navigate the program and achieve the best possible care at the least possible price. 

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How to Protect Yourself from Hospital Infections?

You go to the hospital when you are sick or injured and need care. The last thing you expect is that the hospital will make you sicker. But for up to 10 percent of hospital patients, that's exactly what happens. 

It turns out that hospitals are a breeding ground for infections -- many of which are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year about 1.7 million patients get a hospital acquired infection (HAI). Some sources, including RID, a not-for-profit organization founded to foster awareness and prevention of hospital infections, think the number is much higher. It notes that the instance of one particularly nasty hospital infection, MRSA, a superbug that resists antibiotics, has grown from fewer than 2,000 reported cases in 1993 to 368,000 in 2005. But no matter what number you go by, it is clear that HAIs are a serious problem. Hospitals are beginning to devote more resources to fighting HAIs, but meanwhile there are things you can do to help protect yourself.

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