Health Tips To Keep Your Family Healthy

Just like charity, adopting healthy routine also begins at home. When you have unlimited options telling you what to do and what not, for a healthy lifestyle, most of them are certainly bizarre. Some of the hands on experienced health tips that can keep your family healthy are going to be your most helpful read of the day.

1. Clean using microfiber towels: A microfiber towel works equally well compared to wipes or paper towels. These absorbent towels can soak dirt and lubricants without scratching your surface or leaving any fine fibers behind.
2. Cooking with water: This food hack is helpful to those who are trying to eat healthier. It sounds crazy as you are always asked to use oil. However, as long as you keep a glass of water at hand and continuously drip it in and as the water burns out, it actually makes it easy, oil free and healthy.
3. Reuse plastic bags: By not discarding the plastic bags and not buying them over and again we can help reduce amounts of solid waste going to landfill. Practiced on a larger scale, this can reduce the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere, hence improving our health and living standards.
4. Avoid mindless eating: Research shows most of our eating habits are mindless. These are food choices we make that are on autopilot, there is not much thought that goes behind making these food choices. When we make our kitchens less lounge able then our eating habits improve. When we take out the TVs and the I-pads from our kitchen then we spend minimal time hanging around there and thus, eat less. We can make it easier to cook by just clearing the counter tops. Packing away the tempting treats because we eat what we see, can reduce their consumption, thereby increasing the consumption of healthy foods.
5. Size matters: It is human tendency to serve more from a larger serving dish or a bowl. We tend to consume more when we see more. Thus, opting for smaller packages, serving dishes and smaller plates can help us avoid the unnecessary consumption thereby keeping us fit.
6. Go shoeless: you can embrace the practice of going shoeless while in your home by consistently vacuum cleaning the floor and removing dirt and other toxins. This will also inspire the visitors to leave their shoes outside hence keeping pesticides off from entering your home.
7. Ample fluid intake: When you get up in the morning make sure that you drink water straight away. If you struggle with drinking water, add some fruit to it to make it a bit tastier for you. To get extra nutrients, make smoothies or fresh vegetable juices. I
8. Lemon-the power hack of all: we say so because lemon has ample culinary and cleaning advantages. Lemon, which is rich in Vitamin C, is used as a remarkable antiaging ingredient that adds natural glow to the skin. Squeezing your lemon with the help of a tong can help you squeeze more out of it. Moreover, lemon wedges or peels are also of great household help. Do not throw them away; flush them into your sink disposal instead. It will help killing bacteria and hence make your sink smell fresh.
9. Avoid using plastic containers for food storage: use of plastic food storage containers can leech carcinogens into our consumable food products that can prove to be cancerous in the long run. Therefore, a small change of storing food items in glass containers can do wonders in improving our heath on a day-to-day basis.
10. Miscellaneous hacks: following are certain varied hacks to help you live a smooth and blooming routine.
 If you feel sore after a workout, take a detox bath with some Epson salt.
 Put old newspapers at the bottom of your bin to absorb fruit juices.
 Add some spices to your meal to get your metabolism firing.
 Get more sunshine, a little bit of sunshine each day can actually help boost your mood.
 Stick to least processed food to help reduce bloating.
 Leave a sliced onion near where you sleep to normalize a stuffy nose.
 Smell an orange if you feel crappy. Several studies have proved that the scent of an orange reduces stress, revitalizes mood and makes you feel awake.
 Believe it or not, but taking cold showers is actually better for your skin and hair.
 Try applying your deodorant at night instead of the morning. It will be more effective and you will sweat less the next day.
 Have a pimple and need it vanish quickly? Dab some Listerine on it, the alcohol in it will dry it up and will cause it to fade.
 Drink some pineapple juice to fight sore throat. It is 5 times more effective than a cough syrup.
 To avoid cramps while running, only exhale while your left foot hits the ground.
 Have a high blood pressure? Watermelons can reduce it significantly.
 Eating tomatoes help prevent sunburn, they provide the best defense against sun damages.
 Working out before bed makes your muscles burn more calories while you sleep.
 Stay away from electronics and blue lights from your screens for about half an hour before you go to sleep. It is best recommended for a sound sleep.
Although cleaning can burn way more calories than you realize, there are some work addicts who can barely take out time to shed flab the cleaning way. Are you one such workaholic from Chicago and want to benefit from a clean home with minimum effort? Fortunately, caregiver service Cintaa Elder care service offers you a boundless variety to choose from. Well, a healthy working environment can become disorganized very quickly but the right cleaning service can help you get rid of clutter and enrich the aura. These are the effortless measures we can take to tweak our healthiness and add some more years to our lives!
Don’t even roll your eyes. Yes, this one is obvious, but most people cheat in terms of washing their hands often and thoroughly enough. And while it’s simple, it’s also one of the most scientifically sound ways to prevent the spread of germs. How to do it right? Water, soap, and 20 solid seconds (count, seriously!) of scrubbing. In between, keep your hands away from your face. If germs happen to linger on your fingers, they won’t necessarily cause an issue until you thoughtlessly rub your eyes or brush your nose, for instance.

Again, we should not be the biggest germaphobe, but we have to become much more conscious of what we touch when we are out in public, and we should try to teach our kids that they don’t have to hold every railing, and that they can push the bathroom door open while holding a Kleenex. It’s the little things that just might make a difference between “all good” and missing a few days of school.
The thermostats help you save money on heating bills and maximize coziness. It also helps keep you and your family healthy. Some research shows for instance, that if the temperature in your nose is too low, your body might not fight viruses as well, and that super cold air might in inhibit mucus and hairs in your nose from keeping germs out of your body. (shout out to mucus and nose hairs— the good guys!) A smart thermostat allows you to keep your house at the perfect warm temp 24/7, without having to remember to even press a button.
Air cleaner can be added to your system to provide even more ways to stop a cold in its tracks. It removes 99.98% of harmful bacteria and allergens to keep you healthier and let you breathe easier— it’s even been certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. HEPA filters are great at trapping dust mites, mildew and other stuff floating in the air, but they get clogged over time and let less air circulate. This technology can reduce the presence of all that junk in your air, while keeping the air flowing freely, keeping you more comfortable (and sick-free).
There isn’t a lot of conclusive evidence that eating one exact food or kind of diet will protect you from getting sick, but if you eat healthy overall, your body is going to be able to fight off illness more effectively. Think of it this way: Do you want your body to use it’s reserves to tackle that incoming bug, or be so busy dealing with that late-night take-out episode that it misses it?
Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is key. Focusing on a healthy gut is also smart. That means minimizing simple carbs, maximizing fiber, and eating fermented foods like sauerkraut, miso, and kimchi. A large portion of your immune system is in your GI tract, so keeping your gut happy is a great idea.
Seriously, who hasn’t had the experience of feeling totally run down by a crazy work situation or life trauma…and then ending up sick? Research shows stress really is associated with a weakened immune system. One great way to manage stress? Get enough sleep! If you get in your seven to eight hours a night, you’re better able to manage stressors throughout the day.
The thermostat can help too: Fluctuating temperatures can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, and a smart thermostat will make sure that the temperature stays at your ideal setting throughout the night. In fact, it’s possible to schedule a cozier temp when you settle into bed and then lower it later in the night to avoid becoming too warm (it’s like they KNOW me!)
Another simple tip to end on, and this one’s actually easier than mastering hand washing, since you only have to do it once. You’re likely to hear all kinds of reasons for not getting a flu shot, like the fact that it only protects against certain strains of the flu (correct) or that some people get sick from the shot (also correct). The truth is that despite all of those arguments, evidence still shows, it’s the most effective way to protect yourself (and maybe more importantly, vulnerable people around you, like babies, or the elderly) from nasty flu viruses.

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